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Professional Series with Free EASE Address

Professional Series with EASE Address modeling

Sonance offers free EASE Address software and tutorials available free of charge to the public. Get started by downloading the free software today and design your next room with Sonance.

The Application Engineer Services at DBT are ready to help with any project!
dB Technologies and Aldridge Marketing offers wealth of information and support when it comes to design assistance. Reach out to your AMI rep for more information, or schedule time with us on our homepage to discuss details.


“New for 2021” ESP/LTD Collection: Your Next Guitar or Bass Awaits

If 2021 represents a fresh start for you, it might be time to kick your gear collection up a notch or two and get inspired to rock! We’ve announced over 60 new guitar and bass models for this year, so even if you’re just getting ideas for possible new instruments, here’s the place to get your motor running


The Midra 4K series presentation switchers feature ten inputs, including eight 4K60 inputs (four HDMI 2.0, two 12G-SDI and two DisplayPort 1.2) and two 1080p inputs with user-selectable HDMI and SDI connectors. They also have two 4K60 outputs, each with mirrored HDMI and SDI connectors.                           For more information CLICK HERE or reach out to us at


Evolution of the Brute sound

PolyBrute's six-voice power starts with two Brute waveshaping oscillators. With sprawling timbral versatility from delicate airy pads to snarling stacked bass, these are six voices you can count on to excel in every application.    The tactile and reactive nature of analog synthesis is right at the heart of PolyBrute's architecture. Tame or animate the oscillators with an expanded array of multiple filters, envelopes and LFOs for absolute control over the analog domain. Once you've harnessed its sound sources, PolyBrute is your vessel for an inspiring voyage into sound.